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The gesture

I sincerely thank Pierre SOUMAGNE (10 times Europe Champion) for his pleasant collaboration to this report.

I invite you to visit Pierre SOUMAGNE Web Site while clicking HERE.


A correct position suppose a situation of the body in the space for an easy play
A good position allows to have a fluent gesture
If not, the body will be "twisted"
In that case aiming could be wrong and the shot could be lost by a sudden attempt to correct the position

A good placement before the shot

Here are some advices to position the body for a right-handed player :

  1. stand up in front of the shot to be played
  2. hold the cue only with the right hand
  3. the right hand at the level of the hip, place the cue tip on the table cloth near the ball to be played, the line of sight being almost definitive
  4. Position the right foot perpendicularly at the cue, under your your right hand
  5. Move forward the left foot, this having for effect to lean naturally in the right position
  6. Form the bridge on the table cloth and choose an appropriate length of squirt
  7. Possibly refine the line of sight by little side steps or slightly moving the bridge
  8. Possibly refine the side effect by moving feet and bridge in parallel of the line of sight
  9. Possibly refine the strength by moving the right hand on the butt *
  10. Do the squirt slowly between bridge and ball
  11. Play the shot

The more you position the right hand at the rear of the butt, the more you increase the strength of the shot

You can see and apply the teaching aid of the FFB ( French Billiard Federation ) about body position

With a clic on the next picture, you can download the technical document for a good body position:

Here is a spanish video:

Change the parameters of the shot :

Those parameters must be fixed once and for all before playing.
Yet it is possible to change them a little when in position
To put english, right or left, it is necessary to coordinate in parallel :

  • feet's moving
  • bridge's moving


We can notice a particular body position:

  • the forearm is placed into a perpendicular plan at the direction of the cue
  • the foot is located at the vertical under the hand which holds the cue
  • the aiming eye is focused on a parallel at the axis of the cue

Body position:

position corps - rétro au billard - SOUMAGNE

Gesture during the shot:

Movement of the arm:


We can notice a particular body position:

  • the shaft is near to the head
  • the feet and the shoulders are placed in a parallel plan with the direction of the cue
  • the cue is griped between two fingers
  • the aiming eye is focused in parallel at the axis of the cue ( for better appreciating the aiming )

Body position:

position corps - massé au billard - SOUMAGNE

Gesture during the shot:

Movement of the arm:

U can go on the main page of this website to see the last videos about billiard technic.


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