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Billiard cue


Composition :

A pool cue is made up of two parts that fit together at the middle of the cue:

Process of fabrication :

This video is showing the steps of the making of a billiard cue.

How to choose a billiard queue ?

The pool cue is fully customizable:

  • Total weight (accuracy 5 g)
  • shaft length (precision CM)
  • shaft diameter (accurate to 1 / 10 MM)
  • Choice of wood
  • Choice of colors (from a chart of colors)
  • Engraving of one's name

Tip's choice :

To obtain more informations about the cue tip, clic on this image:

procédé cuir multicouches


It is necessary to adapt the weight of the cue depending of the game :

  • usually less than 500 g for series games
  • more than 500 g for 3 cushions game

It is difficult to foresee the right weight of a personal cue

There are three main methods to increase slightly the weight of the cue.

Use a heavier shaft :

Frédéric CAUDRON uses the same bumper for series games or 3 cushions.
He changes only the shaft to increase or decrease the total weight of his cue:

  • BALKLINE > Total weight 520gr : length of the cue 1,40m and shaft diameter 11mm
  • 3 CUSHIONS > Total weight 535gr : length of the cue 1,42m and shaft diameter 11,4mm

With a thicker wood or a longer shaft, the total weight increases

Put a screw :

Here is an example of a 25g screw:

vis pour augmenter le poids

For the 5 pins game (see the end of this article) a full device is fitting balance and weight

Put a grip :

The weight benefit is about 15g to 25g.
With a grip, we can play with no crispation of the fingers on the bumper

Note that it exists plastic transparent grips or leather grips.

Christophe, player in the ABSD billard club, explains us in video how to put a grip:


Color's choice :

My cue bumper has two colors choosed in a panel of colors.

With stradivarius' cues, you can choose the colors of the billiard cue in a color chart:

color chart of billiard cue

Here is an exemple of my cue:

my own billiard' cue

Essence of wood :

This is a summary of the currant different woods for the butt
Each wood specie has its own density and particular color shown as above ( by a clic on the picture ):

essences de bois

Wood design :

Old cues purpose a lot of wood design.
Clic on this picture to discover a Belgium Website proposing old cues:

vielles queues de billard


Every player of this game is due to have at least 4 cues :

  1. one for massé-shots and piqués-shots (*)
  2. one for follow shot with backspin ( with a shaft very rigid - kevlar or composite )
  3. one for whip shots ( with a very supple shaft )
  4. and a normal cue for the other shots. ( * )

(*) : this cue is very special :

  • the shaft is short,
  • the tip is 14 to 15 mm of diameter,
  • its weight is 800 g to 1 kilo.

Here are some photos of cues for artistic billiard taken during a tournament in November at Florange:


Their shaft are made of composite:

  • To better convey the energy of the shot to the cue ball
  • To eliminate any parasite movement

They are heavy (> 600 G) in order to obtain the best rolling of the played ball

Some models of billiard cues: (thanks to Michael CARREAU)

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