Here is the difference between carom, american, snooker and pool balls.



61.5 mm

diamètre bille de carambole

57.2 mm

diamètre bille d'américain

52.4 mm

diamètre bille de snooker


diamètre bille de pool



209 g

poids bille de français

162 g

poids bille billard américain

127 g

poids bille billard snooker

116 g

poids bille billard pool



The billiard ball was made of ivory from elephant tusks.
Today, ivory is forbidden.

The following video gives informations about the manufacturing process:

bille ivoire


Veining on the surface of the balls was representative of the growth of the elephant tusk.

billes de billard - ivoire

Some minor problems can be taken into consideration:

  • When time goes by, ivory balls seemed to elongate, due to the tusk's nerve still active. Then the balls became oval.
  • An elephant tusk was not always constant in the distribution of the masses. Some balls were relatively unbalanced.
  • Sphericity was not perfect, they could deviate from their initial course


The composite balls :

The balls are made of composite by the company SALUC.

French billiard balls are divided into several categories:

  • 3 ball: one red ball, a white ball and a yellow or spot ball
  • The quality may be normal or superior
  • one of them with a colored spot, or multiple spots, for better visualization of the spin.

bille  de billard - Aramith composite

bille  de billard - Aramith composite

Asiatic balls:

The Korean' manufacturer 'Cosmos Billiard' purposes also some 3 cushions billaird' balls:

billiard' ball made by cosmos billiard

The "PBA" balls are original and resistant:

billes de billard PBA

billes de billard PBA

Thermic stress:

This video shows the thermic stress withstanded by a billiard ball:


Storage :

In the past, there was rack to store French Ball Billiard with time counter included:

rangement billes billard

rangement billes billard

rangement billes billard

View with details:

Washing :

There is an example of washing machine for french billiard ball.

The balls are brewed in a cabin in which we introduce some special cleaning fluid.

machine - lavage billes  de billard

machine - nettoyage billes de billard

machine - polissage billes de billard


Russian' game balls (big billiard table):

Here is a set of 15 balls.

a set of 15 russain billiard balls

This russian' balls are bigger than carom balls:

big billiard balls

Russian' game balls (small billiard table with bumper and holes):

For the russian billiard, the balls' diameter is 47 MM:

billes de billard russe

Bowling' game balls

For this game, the balls' diameter is 48 MM and the jack's diameter is 38 MM.

billes de billard pétanque

Fantasy balls:

Here are 3 types of balls:

  • Ivory ball with drawning
  • Politic balls for american' billiard
  • Black balls for carom game