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Billiard table


A billiard table countains generaly :

  • a lower frame with foots
  • 3 slate plates covered by cloth
  • an upper framework which countains cushions and marks

exemple de table de billard français



This video shows the different steps to make a carom table:



This french video details the steps to restore an old billiard table :

For more details about old billiard tables, don't hesitate to consult the web-link 'aux billards anciens'.

Funny tables:



Here are exemple of billiard' tables which will disassembled.
We can notice the 3 slate plates and the termic' rheostat under them.

plaque ardoise table billard

table billard démontée


This video shows all the process to produce the slate plates for our billiard' tables:

  • Extraction of the blocks in the mine
  • Cutting the plates
  • Carving and machining the slates
  • ...


Dimensions and caracteristics :

This Russian billiard table has a dimension of 88 cm X 177 cm and proposes a playing surface of 72 cm * 164 cm.

The surface has 8 holes (6 black holes and 2 red holes).
When a ball falls into a hole, it is guided in a part of a rack located under the table.

russian billiard table

russian billiard table<

russian billiard table

russian billiard table

Rules of this game :

Here is a synthesis of the rules of the Russian billiard game:

Starting position

At the beginning of the game, we have:

  • The ball of the player on the starting fly.
  • The red ball on the 2nd fly behind the white ball.
  • The skittle on the 3rd fly behind the red ball (if there are three skittles, we position them in triangle)

To begin the game, just start the minutor. PLAY The player takes a white ball in the rack to play.
If the rack is empty, it takes the white ball nearest to him on the table.

It places its white ball on the starting fly
It plays on a ball to send the balls in the holes without reversing a skittle.

It continues to play as long as one or many ball(s)  fall into the holes
If all the balls fell into the holes, it cumulates its points which are definitively acquired and starts again a new turn of play


The points are added according to the value with the hole where the balls falled

During the game:

  • The red ball falled in a hole counts the double of points;

In this case, the player must take it in the rack, put it on the starting point and play it like the ball of the player.

End of game:

When the minutor indicating the end of the game, the points are then counted like-follows:

  • Each white ball counts double
  • The red ball counts triple
  • Played like bank shot, the last ball counts triple
  • Played last, the red ball counts quadruple


The hand passes to the following player:

  • The player pushes his ball directly in a hole without touching a ball,
  • No hole is reached by a ball,
  • A ball returns in the starting zone,
  • No ball is touched on the table.

The hand passes and the series of points in progress is canceled when:

  • The red ball falls into a hole but the player does not take it again in the rack
  • A skittle is reversed

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