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Follow shot

The follow shots are used to make the cue ball rolling ahead.
For that, we position the tip on the high part of the cue ball:


The gesture must be slow.
If we want to advance more, the gesture will be slow again and we put our hand at the end of the cue.


Full aim:

We aim on the center of the 2nd ball.

The deviation is 0 ° ( Straight on )

Aiming 1/2 ball:

We aim at 1 radius from the center of the 2nd ball

The deviation is 37° compared to the axis of the cue

Aiming from 1/3 to 3/4 ball:

The final deviation is the practically the same when aiming 1/2 ball


This is a method for any direction with a follow shot:

* to draw a line from where we want to go and the center of the played ball
* to aim the imaginary point located at the intersection of this line with the back part of the the played ball circumference's

Here is a diagram illustrating these remarks:

This is illustrated in the following video:

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