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Florian KOHLER (venom trickshots) beats 4 world records in this video.

Published on 01/09/2019 ~ 15:27  | Top

This vidéo give some advice to realize with success the masse shots in carom billiard.

Published on 28/07/2019 ~ 17:09  | Top

In this video, Semith SAYGINER plays 20 billiard' trickshots with a lot of immagination.

Published on 07/07/2019 ~ 08:13  | Top

Richard gives me some pictures of russian' billiard.

Wikipedia says that the rules are like the American rules where you have to put the balls in the pockets of the table.
Once the first shoot to break the triangle is made with a red ball (not photographed), we take one of the balls numbered as a ball game.
It is used to hit one of the other numbered balls that must go into a pocket.

As soon as the player has returned 8 balls, the game is won.

a set of 15 russain billaird balls

The russian' balls are bigger than carom balls:

big billiard balls

The 6 pockets of the table are small:

small pockets of the billiard table

The billiard table is nicely decorated:

nice billiard table

Published on 15/06/2019 ~ 17:48  | Top

Stéphane NOLE, a french billiard' master, explains how to make a good movement and presents some gather shots.

U can visit his website to find technicals papers with video for some gather shots.

Published on 21/04/2019 ~ 19:16  | Top

Here is a video of carom' trickshots by Paul COUESPEL.
U can find more knowledge' videos in his Web site (balkline, rail nurse, ...).

Published on 19/03/2019 ~ 11:36  | Top

Billard Passion is 10 years old.

I purpose you a video which shows 30 gather shots for the cushion game:

Published on 11/02/2019 ~ 18:18  | Top

René ALTET, already author of the book Passion Billard, presents you a foldable billiard table:

Published on 11/11/2018 ~ 18:38  | Top
In this billiard' video, U can watch Daniel SANCHEZ who realizes a serie of 23 points at the 3 cushions game:

Published on 09/09/2018 ~ 18:46  | Top

Here are two vidéos of Alain REMOND.

The first video shows us how to get more points with closed billiard' balls.

The second vidéo explains which ball must we play first.

Published on 15/07/2018 ~ 19:39  | Top

U can watch in this video an engineer playing billiard with great results

Published on 13/07/2018 ~ 12:36  | Top

This video shows a billiard' lesson of Laurent GUENET.
He presents the technic to play with closed balls.
He plays the points with his finger to explain the principles.

Published on 30/06/2018 ~ 19:42  | Top

The french society Decathlon purposes now some billiard' tables, balls, cue and accessories.

carom in decathlon shops

More informations with a click on this link

Published on 21/06/2018 ~ 19:37  | Top

I find this video in the Youtube account of Sebastien Rousseau.

Willy GERIMONT, a master French player of billiard, explains a three cushion system.
He shows a system with a trajectory of big cushion, small cushion and big cushion.

Published on 02/06/2018 ~ 18:45  | Top

I find in the BillardCollection youtube chanel an old video that explains:
- How are made ivory balls
- Why the corners have been created in carom billiard
- Why the blakline gales have been created
- Some trikshots

Published on 20/05/2018 ~ 15:45  | Top




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