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I discovered two Web sites which propose data sheets on French billiards.

The first WebSite ( is the site of Renaud BERRIN who has been a Billiard instructor for more than 20 years and who offers internships and training in the Rhône-Alpes Region.

You will find training data sheets there by clicking on the 'études' menu.

The 2nd Internet resource ( Billard Club de Laxou en lorraine) offers plenty of technical sheets written by Christophe VOINIER.

Published on 26/03/2022 08:56  |

In this Billiards video, you'll see a series of 27 in 3-cushion with lots of favorable ball placements.

Published on 12/03/2022 08:14  |

Here is a system of 2 cushions without lateral spin applicable on a French billiard table.

The calculation (a simple multiplication by two - very easy to do) will allow you to contine to play and not return to the chair.

Published on 29/01/2022 09:16  |

Here are 2 sets of billiard balls stamped "PBA".

Beyond their originality, the latter are very resistant and pleasant to play.

billes de billard PBA

billes de billard PBA

Published on 29/12/2021 06:17  |

I suggest U an inexpensive and damn interesting end-of-year gift for a French billiard player.

For a one-year subscription to ELearning, it takes 30 euros.

E-Learning, site on French billiards proposed by the European Champion Xavier GRETILLAT (Swiss player) is today:

  • 235 commented videos for more than 179 hours of online training,
  • a 711-page book also translated into English and Spanish,
  • unlimited coaching by email for all members.

And always the free content, with the book in preview, videos, etc.

You can take a look at

Published on 21/12/2021 19:06  |

Dirc ARX offers this video of more than 160 French billiards gather shots.

The points are not all executed perfectly on the pool table but it gives a good basis for help.

You will find on his Youtube channel the PDF file of the positioning of the balls on the carom' table.

Published on 17/10/2021 14:59  |

Frédéric CAUDRON achieves this great series of 32 points in 3-cushion billiards in a small carom table in less than a quarter of an hour.

Published on 18/09/2021 17:11  |

Dat Nguyen trains and achieves a series of more than 90 points in the third of billiards.

With a lot of dominant positions, billiard points are linked

Published on 04/09/2021 18:30  |

Jean Michel FRAY presents the principles of physics applied to carom billiard.

He gives many explanations that will enlighten both beginners and experienced players:

  • How to determine the angle of the natural rejection (1/2 ball aim, high attack) ?
  • What happens to the direction of my ball if I make a strong shot ?
  • What are the 4 classic directions of my ball with an attack in the center ?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the curves of my ball ...

Published on 07/08/2021 17:35  |

In 2017 at Prague, Dick JASPERS realizes, versus Alain REMOND in a one cushion game, 120 points in 4 innings with no rail nurse.

Published on 05/06/2021 10:20  |