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Semith SAYGINER realizes a nice run of 20 in the 3 cushions game:

Published on 22/04/2015 ~ 18:42  | Top

In this video, U can watch some great billiard' trickshots of F.Kohler recorded at Las Vegas.

Published on 04/04/2015 ~ 08:21  | Top
To take the rail nurse position, Thịnh Kent shows us 24 different solutions on the billiard table.

Published on 21/02/2015 ~ 09:55  | Top

World billiard' champion in the 40's, Willie MOSCONI purpose some nice trickshots.

Some points made on two tables at the same time are magnificent:

Published on 31/01/2015 ~ 12:26  | Top
This video shows an extract of 3 a cushions match with D.JASPERS versus F.CAUDRON.

Dick realizes a serie of 22 points:

Published on 28/12/2014 ~ 16:38  | Top

This video shows billiard' trickshots made by the Turkish player C.MURAT:

Published on 08/11/2014 ~ 10:28  | Top

This video from YouTube presents 23 possibilities to realize the starting point at carom.

Five years after my own billiard video of '15 starting points', the player Long NGuyen imaginates a lot of others figures.

Published on 11/10/2014 ~ 10:07  | Top
Here is a 71/2 balkline match with P.Niessen versus G.Huber.

P.Niessen wins the match in one inning with a serie of 200 points.

Published on 20/09/2014 ~ 17:36  | Top

In this video, J-P. De Bruijn plays at cushion' game versus J. Bongers.

He wins the match (100 points to 7 points in 2 innings) with nice series in the corner recorded in close-up.

Published on 15/08/2014 ~ 17:54  | Top
F.CAUDRON made a 3 cushion match versus Jun Ho Kim in the "Million Dollar Billiards" tournament (Californy).

He realizes 25 points in 4 innings that is to say 6.250 of average !

Published on 08/08/2014 ~ 19:26  | Top

T.BLOMDAHL makes an exhibition for the 20 years birthday of the "Billard Club Vicinois".

With a powerfull shot, he realizes a point with 10 cushions:

Published on 26/07/2014 ~ 18:08  | Top
This billiard' video shows a serie of 16 points made by Daniel SANCHEZ in three cushions game:

Published on 13/07/2014 ~ 12:11  | Top

This video presents some original billiard' trickshots.

Indeed, some shots are made with one arm or without watching the table...

Published on 29/06/2014 ~ 20:19  | Top

Here is a contribution of Martial; Thanks to him.

We can play at american game with a dynamic display of the balls' trajectories:

When we can have a carom sumilator like this ?

Published on 01/05/2014 ~ 22:35  | Top
Here is a serie of 19 points made in the 3 cushions game by Marco ZANETTI.

In this billiard match, Marco made 40 points in 8 innings...

Published on 01/05/2014 ~ 07:27  | Top




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