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Original and pleasant, ideal for the progression of the beginners, the French federation proposes a rule of play with an additional blue ball.

Here is an English video which presents the principles of this game:

Published on 06/04/2014 ~ 07:27  | Top
Here are some positions on the billiard table where we can obtain the rail nurse position:

Published on 30/03/2014 ~ 08:02  | Top

Last extract of his DVD, F.KOHLER plays billiard on two tables at the same time:

Published on 16/03/2014 ~ 18:27  | Top

Here is a second extract of the DVD 'venom trickshots 2' which countains a lot of trickshots made by F. KOHLER :

Published on 16/02/2014 ~ 11:27  | Top
This video is bit old but but I appreciate to watch the serie of 20 points realized by Dick JASPERS in 3 cushions games:

Published on 02/02/2014 ~ 16:22  | Top

Here is an extract of the last DVD of Florian KOHLER - alias VENOM - which creates superb trickshots of billiards:

  • jumps of balls
  • masses with long curves
  • hit of several balls
  • ...

Published on 31/01/2014 ~ 19:37  | Top
For those which begin with the 3 cushions, here a course in video animated by V.LELIEVRE and filmed at the Don Bosco club.

For many positions frequently present on the billiard table, Vincent gives judicious tips on:
  • how to realize a good starting point ?
  • quantity of ball to aim to avoid the kiss
  • modification of trajectory according to the shot' power
  • the replacement of the hit ball
  • ...

Published on 26/01/2014 ~ 08:31  | Top
Here is the french finale 2013 at free games with V.ALES versus M.DECLUNDER.

Magali plays with an average of 50.

In this video, you can appreciate:
  • a 123 points' serie (with rail nurse position at the end)
  • a very nice level of play
  • an efficient conception

Published on 12/01/2014 ~ 09:13  | Top

Here is a compilation of 3 cushions shots founded in some trickshots exhibitions:

Merry christmas !

Published on 20/12/2013 ~ 19:25  | Top

Starting from all videos of this blog, I realize a compilation of unusual and spectacular bank shots.

It presents very good billiard players, expert in 3 cushions or artistic games:

Published on 12/12/2013 ~ 05:57  | Top
Recorded during the 3 cushions AGIPI 2012 billiard' tournament, this run of 20 was realized by T.BLOMDAHL ( in a match versus the korean player S-W CHOI):

Published on 11/11/2013 ~ 09:20  | Top
Here is video which shows 25 nice 3 cushions shots played at AGIPI 2013 tournement.

Published on 13/10/2013 ~ 10:32  | Top

Here is a video about the system MyWebSport.

With this high-tech installation, we can play a game between 2 differents places.

The equipment of each place is the following:

  • a camera to record the billiard table
  • a television to show video and sound of the other place
  • a laser system which display the exact place of the balls on the table

Published on 09/10/2013 ~ 12:10  | Top
The short video-clip of the French Federation of Billard presents our activity:

Published on 22/09/2013 ~ 07:09  | Top
Here is a video of Frederic CAUDRON which play the final of European Championship at balkline 47/2 versus Xavier GRETILLAT (2009 / Athens).

The quality of this video and the serie of Frederic are very good:

Published on 13/09/2013 ~ 20:43  | Top




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