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This video presents Frederic CAUDRON very relaxed which make some trickshots at 3 cushion billiard games:

Published on 12/09/2013 ~ 06:37  | Top
If you want to achieve a good level, the younger you start playing, the better it is.

In this Chinese video, you can watch a 3-year-old baby playing snooker.

The future will tell us if this training is appropriate and efficient...

Published on 07/09/2013 ~ 09:01  | Top

I like to see this asiatic video where a billiard' player makes spectacular and wonderfull trickshots:

  • he puts into holes a lot of balls in one shot
  • he makes a jump to touch and put into holes some balls above bottles of coca
  • ...

Published on 06/09/2013 ~ 08:12  | Top

This video, recorded by the MGM in the 1950' and found in YouTube, shows trickshots made by the world billiard' champions Willie MOSCONI et Jimmy CARAS:

Published on 31/08/2013 ~ 13:02  | Top

In this video of 1949, the Chili' billiard champion Raul VALDIVIA realize an exhibition for the Chili's president.

My preferred shot is the one with the jumping balls and the bottle.

Published on 23/08/2013 ~ 18:04  | Top
A promotion for our passion: here is an interview of J.BURY given on the chanel "l'équipe 21'.

Published on 18/08/2013 ~ 06:54  | Top
Here is a video which shows a serie of 24 three cushions points made on the billiard table by Semith SAYGINER:

Published on 28/07/2013 ~ 19:43  | Top

Some advanced bank shots

Published on 06/07/2013 ~ 09:20  | Top
The university of Lille-1 has realized some simple videos about solid mecanics applicated to billiard game.

U can found pedagogic explanations about:
  • full, half-ball and one the board aim
  • bounces on the cushions
  • lateral spin

Published on 15/06/2013 ~ 11:40  | Top

Here are 2 videos which show gather shots in carom game.

The quality of recording is not superb like actual videos but their interessant countains could perhaps inspire you.

Georges BOUREZG makes a lot of gather shots:

Paul COUESPELL shows 30 points:

Published on 12/06/2013 ~ 11:17  | Top
This video, found on the website of 'Billard Club Marmandais', shows Magalie DECLUNDER who plays at 71/2 balkline and realize a nice serie:

Published on 02/06/2013 ~ 20:10  | Top

This video shows 20 original points of three cushions made by an artist of billiard games: Semith SAYGINER.

Despite a low quality of recording, the balls trajectories are surprising:

Published on 19/05/2013 ~ 07:51  | Top

In this video, J.TRILLES makes a very nice billiard' artistic exhibition with a lot of original points::

Published on 27/04/2013 ~ 07:41  | Top

This video of few minutes shows 3 cushions points made by T.BLOMDAHL and D.SANCHEZ in the 3-Magic club:

Published on 01/04/2013 ~ 22:16  | Top




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