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The players who have an iPad could be happy.

Indeed, a new digital book purposes ball's positions with a response to the question 'how can I take the rail nurse position ?'.

For these 43 positions, with Xavier GRETILLAT, U can watch:
  • the position of the balls on the table
  • explanations and gesture
  • interact view 3D of the table and balls
  • multi-angular video with the execution of the point
Here is the ads video:

Published on 01/04/2013 ~ 17:13  | Top
Between 1966 and 1969, Jean MARTY has won 4 European titles and 6 World titles at billiard games.

In January 1967, he became the European Championship at 47/1 balkline with a general average of 35 !

U can watch this great champion and the organisation of this great event in this short video:

Published on 23/03/2013 ~ 12:24  | Top
Here is a game played at Ecully billiard tour 2013 in France.

In this video, recorded by Achour FERHAT,you can watch Brahim DJOUBRI in 47/2 balkline.

He made 250 points in one inning and 33 minutes !

Here is this performance:

Other free videos about balkline are available with following this link.
Published on 16/02/2013 ~ 07:36  | Top

J. SANCHO purposes a lot of systems to help us for making great series at 3 cushion games.

This last system explains the anticipation for the points made with a small quantity of lateral spin:
lateral spin in billiard shot

Without counting, this document details how to make:

  • 3 cushion
  • 2 cushion and et 2 cushion bank-shot
  • 3 cushion bank-shot

Clic on this link to the download the document.

Don't hesitate to clic on this link to watch all the free downloads of the site.

Published on 08/02/2013 ~ 09:29  | Top

Here is a 5 minutes compilation where I join the best billiard' videos of 3 cushions made by Semith SAYGINER.

This great turkish player realizes easily :

  • extremely difficult points with long masse shots
  • points made with curves on a rolling carpet
  • magnific bank-shot

Perhaps, some players will be inspire by these ingenious 3 cushion bank-shots ...

I not advise you to play on your billiard table the points made by masses shots or including curves !

Let's watch now this demonstration of unusual 3 cushion points:

To watch other sympatic and free videos about 3 cushions, clic on this link.

Published on 19/01/2013 ~ 12:43  | Top

The video with masse shot in the corner of the billiard' table shows a point made with 10 cushions...

In this short film, I purpose to you un carom billiard point with 11 cushions !

Watch Semith SAYGINER in action :

Published on 16/01/2013 ~ 10:52  | Top

The next video shows 50 figures of artistic billiard:
- Some represent a part of the official program,
- Others were created by international great players

Before each figure, a diagram explain the trajectories of the balls on the table.

You can notice that you can download for free the entire artistic program (100 figures) in the download area.

Published on 13/01/2013 ~ 16:19  | Top

This video shows points made in the table's corner table with a special artistic cue

All these masse shots are more and more complex.

It's incredible the maximum number of cushions made at the end of this video !

Published on 04/01/2013 ~ 21:45  | Top

It's Christmas before Christmas in Billard-Passion.

There is a video where Juanjo TRILLES makes very nice artistic' points.

His billiard table is installed in a wonderfull room.

I dream to have this kind of magnific room in my home to put a billiard table.

Here is the exhibition:

Published on 18/12/2012 ~ 09:17  | Top
Roland FORTHOMME (BE) plays at 3 cushuons games versus Edyy MERCKX in championship of holland.

He made a serie of 28 points.

He shares this world record with Junichi KOMORI (JP) and Raymond CEULEMANS (BE).

Here is the video:

Published on 16/12/2012 ~ 10:11  | Top
Alain REMOND, a great master player in France, presents some cushion' points.

Don't hesitate to watch the new article 'rail nurse at cushion game' where Alain plays and comments a long serie.

Published on 05/12/2012 ~ 13:46  | Top
In this free video, you can watch the french record at 3 cushions games made by Jeremy BURY.

He plays versus Jorge AMILCAR and he makes 40 points in 9 innings.

Published on 28/11/2012 ~ 10:31  | Top
Zanetti makes an incredible bridge to realize a difficult billiard' point at the 3 cushions games.

Published on 18/11/2012 ~ 10:21  | Top

I found in YouTube this free video where Zanetti plays versus Stenzel at the 3 cushions' billiard game.

Zanetti make 40 points in 8 innings with a run of 19 ... the average of this game is 5 !

5 de moyenne au billard francais 3 bandes

Published on 05/11/2012 ~ 22:41  | Top

Fred, Jamy and Sabine explain the principles of billiard in a french video called "C'est pas Sorcier".

You can find the synopsis of the film on this link

Just watch this video on YouTube

Published on 28/10/2012 ~ 11:45  | Top




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