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Here is a nice billiard video showing 100 training points at three cushions game.

The points covered and made are easy to put back on the pool table. This can allow, with a little practice and repetition, to progress to this difficult game.

Published on 31/03/2023 ~ 21:55  | Top

This calculation system proposed by Olivier JACQUEMOND is childishly simple (just a division by 2) but extremely effective.

Once you have watched this video for a few minutes, the application on a pool table will be easy.

Published on 04/03/2023 ~ 20:23  | Top

Willy GERIMONT, explains the principles for properly performing pique shots: position of the body and the feets, choice of the inclination of the cue to obtain the harmony of the course of the balls , ...

I advise you to watch other videos of Willy GERIMONT available on Sébastien ROUSSEAU's Youtube channel.

Published on 17/12/2022 ~ 16:00  | Top

Opposed to Raymund Swertz, San Van Etten achieves the perfect series in the 47/2 balkline match.

Published on 16/12/2022 ~ 19:32  | Top

Xavier GRETILLAT gives some tips to take the rail nurse position.

Published on 16/10/2022 ~ 16:00  | Top

Here is a very nice billiard' system to achieve points of cushion by aiming 1/2 ball or 1/4 ball and adjusting the direction of the player's billiard ball with spin.

This video explains step by step the calculations you need to make to steer your ball.

Here is a summary for the aims and lateral spin:

Published on 30/07/2022 ~ 14:49  | Top

Magali DECLUNDER was opposed to SUMULAK during the 2022 European Billiard Championship in the free game.

I offer you this video where you will find points to the American series filmed in close-ups (thanks Kozoom).

Published on 11/06/2022 ~ 09:50  | Top

Willy GERIMONT gives principles and tips for anticipating a rebound on the small cushion in the third of the billiard table.

Published on 15/05/2022 ~ 09:11  | Top

I discovered two Web sites which propose data sheets on French billiards.

The first WebSite ( is the site of Renaud BERRIN who has been a Billiard instructor for more than 20 years and who offers internships and training in the Rhône-Alpes Region.

You will find training data sheets there by clicking on the 'études' menu.

The 2nd Internet resource ( Billard Club de Laxou en lorraine) offers plenty of technical sheets written by Christophe VOINIER.

Published on 26/03/2022 ~ 08:56  | Top

In this Billiards video, you'll see a series of 27 in 3-cushion with lots of favorable ball placements.

Published on 12/03/2022 ~ 08:14  | Top

Here is a system of 2 cushions without lateral spin applicable on a French billiard table.

The calculation (a simple multiplication by two - very easy to do) will allow you to contine to play and not return to the chair.

Published on 29/01/2022 ~ 09:16  | Top

Here are 2 sets of billiard balls stamped "PBA".

Beyond their originality, the latter are very resistant and pleasant to play.

billes de billard PBA

billes de billard PBA

Published on 29/12/2021 ~ 06:17  | Top

I suggest U an inexpensive and damn interesting end-of-year gift for a French billiard player.

For a one-year subscription to ELearning, it takes 30 euros.

E-Learning, site on French billiards proposed by the European Champion Xavier GRETILLAT (Swiss player) is today:

  • 235 commented videos for more than 179 hours of online training,
  • a 711-page book also translated into English and Spanish,
  • unlimited coaching by email for all members.

And always the free content, with the book in preview, videos, etc.

You can take a look at

Published on 21/12/2021 ~ 19:06  | Top

Dirc ARX offers this video of more than 160 French billiards gather shots.

The points are not all executed perfectly on the pool table but it gives a good basis for help.

You will find on his Youtube channel the PDF file of the positioning of the balls on the carom' table.

Published on 17/10/2021 ~ 14:59  | Top

Frédéric CAUDRON achieves this great series of 32 points in 3-cushion billiards in a small carom table in less than a quarter of an hour.

Published on 18/09/2021 ~ 17:11  | Top

Dat Nguyen trains and achieves a series of more than 90 points in the third of billiards.

With a lot of dominant positions, billiard points are linked

Published on 04/09/2021 ~ 18:30  | Top

Jean Michel FRAY presents the principles of physics applied to carom billiard.

He gives many explanations that will enlighten both beginners and experienced players:

  • How to determine the angle of the natural rejection (1/2 ball aim, high attack) ?
  • What happens to the direction of my ball if I make a strong shot ?
  • What are the 4 classic directions of my ball with an attack in the center ?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the curves of my ball ...

Published on 07/08/2021 ~ 17:35  | Top

In 2017 at Prague, Dick JASPERS realizes, versus Alain REMOND in a one cushion game, 120 points in 4 innings with no rail nurse.

Published on 05/06/2021 ~ 10:20  | Top

Here is an interview of Magali DECLUNDER who wins 12 European Championships at carom game.

Published on 02/04/2021 ~ 18:07  | Top
Florian Kohler, alias Venom, makes nice billard 3 cushion' shots.

Published on 14/03/2021 ~ 19:18  | Top

U can watch, in this short billiard' video, some good trickshots.

Published on 17/02/2021 ~ 15:54  | Top

Here is a match of 3 cushions (CHO vs NELIN) with great points and a lot of suspense.

Vous apprécierez le suspense de cette partie de CHO contre NELIN.

Published on 22/01/2021 ~ 18:56  | Top

Frédéric CAUDRON réalizes spectacular points at the 3 cushions games with a lot of creativity and wonderfull curves.

Published on 05/12/2020 ~ 09:49  | Top

U can see Myung-Woo CHO who realizes quickly 27 points at 3 cushions billiard.

Published on 24/10/2020 ~ 18:35  | Top

Here is a match at the free game mode played in 2019 at Gravelines Billiard Club.

The two players play well and the winner realizes 200 points in 12 innings.

Published on 27/09/2020 ~ 18:11  | Top

F.Caudron plays 3 cushions games on a small table of billiard.

He makes 100 points in 13 innings (average of 7.69).

Published on 05/07/2020 ~ 14:08  | Top

U can see in this video a 47/2 balkline match with Franck ZAHNER vs Johann PETIT.

Published on 02/06/2020 ~ 19:04  | Top

Rui Edgar FRANCO realizes 29 points without loss in a 3 cushions billiard' game.

Published on 22/12/2019 ~ 17:49  | Top

This billiard' video shows T.Kent vs X.Gratillat in a balkline 71/2 game.

Published on 05/12/2019 ~ 11:10  | Top

Here is a video of Jean MARTY recorded in Egypt in the 1980'.

Jean MARTY explains :

 - some positions to get the rail nurse position
 - how to move the balls in the corners of the billiard' table at free games.
 - the principles to play the line at the balkline' game.

Published on 19/10/2019 ~ 20:25  | Top

Eclairage LED du billard

In my club, we have installed LED lighning for carom billiards.

The playing surface is perfectly lit.

Here are the references of this material.

caractéristiques led billard

réf constructeur led billard

Published on 13/10/2019 ~ 15:58  | Top

Here is another billiard' video from the Kozoom youtube channel.

Myung-Woo CHO realizes a serie of 24 points at the 3 cushions game.

Published on 29/09/2019 ~ 19:34  | Top

This vidéo, that Kozoom purposes on Youtube, shows an amazing serie witch Frederic CAUDRON at 3 cushions billiard game.

Enjoy the best competitions live on

Published on 22/09/2019 ~ 18:40  | Top

Florian KOHLER (venom trickshots) beats 4 world records in this video.

Published on 01/09/2019 ~ 15:27  | Top

This vidéo give some advice to realize with success the masse shots in carom billiard.

Published on 28/07/2019 ~ 17:09  | Top

In this video, Semith SAYGINER plays 20 billiard' trickshots with a lot of immagination.

Published on 07/07/2019 ~ 08:13  | Top

Richard gives me some pictures of russian' billiard.

Wikipedia says that the rules are like the American rules where you have to put the balls in the pockets of the table.
Once the first shoot to break the triangle is made with a red ball (not photographed), we take one of the balls numbered as a ball game.
It is used to hit one of the other numbered balls that must go into a pocket.

As soon as the player has returned 8 balls, the game is won.

a set of 15 russain billaird balls

The russian' balls are bigger than carom balls:

big billiard balls

The 6 pockets of the table are small:

small pockets of the billiard table

The billiard table is nicely decorated:

nice billiard table

Published on 15/06/2019 ~ 17:48  | Top

Stéphane NOLE, a french billiard' master, explains how to make a good movement and presents some gather shots.

U can visit his website to find technicals papers with video for some gather shots.

Published on 21/04/2019 ~ 19:16  | Top

Here is a video of carom' trickshots by Paul COUESPEL.
U can find more knowledge' videos in his Web site (balkline, rail nurse, ...).

Published on 19/03/2019 ~ 11:36  | Top

Billard Passion is 10 years old.

I purpose you a video which shows 30 gather shots for the cushion game:

Published on 11/02/2019 ~ 18:18  | Top

René ALTET, already author of the book Passion Billard, presents you a foldable billiard table:

Published on 11/11/2018 ~ 18:38  | Top
In this billiard' video, U can watch Daniel SANCHEZ who realizes a serie of 23 points at the 3 cushions game:

Published on 09/09/2018 ~ 18:46  | Top

Here are two vidéos of Alain REMOND.

The first video shows us how to get more points with closed billiard' balls.

The second vidéo explains which ball must we play first.

Published on 15/07/2018 ~ 19:39  | Top

U can watch in this video an engineer playing billiard with great results

Published on 13/07/2018 ~ 12:36  | Top

This video shows a billiard' lesson of Laurent GUENET.
He presents the technic to play with closed balls.
He plays the points with his finger to explain the principles.

Published on 30/06/2018 ~ 19:42  | Top

The french society Decathlon purposes now some billiard' tables, balls, cue and accessories.

carom in decathlon shops

More informations with a click on this link

Published on 21/06/2018 ~ 19:37  | Top

I find this video in the Youtube account of Sebastien Rousseau.

Willy GERIMONT, a master French player of billiard, explains a three cushion system.
He shows a system with a trajectory of big cushion, small cushion and big cushion.

Published on 02/06/2018 ~ 18:45  | Top

I find in the BillardCollection youtube chanel an old video that explains:
- How are made ivory balls
- Why the corners have been created in carom billiard
- Why the blakline gales have been created
- Some trikshots

Published on 20/05/2018 ~ 15:45  | Top
Muyng Woo Cho, a korean player,realize a nice serie of 32 points in 3 cushions billiard.

He makes 40 points in only 4 innings !

Published on 19/05/2018 ~ 21:14  | Top
Semith SAYGINER realizes a nice run of 20 in the 3 cushions game:

Published on 22/04/2015 ~ 18:42  | Top

In this video, U can watch some great billiard' trickshots of F.Kohler recorded at Las Vegas.

Published on 04/04/2015 ~ 08:21  | Top
To take the rail nurse position, Thịnh Kent shows us 24 different solutions on the billiard table.

Published on 21/02/2015 ~ 09:55  | Top

World billiard' champion in the 40's, Willie MOSCONI purpose some nice trickshots.

Some points made on two tables at the same time are magnificent:

Published on 31/01/2015 ~ 12:26  | Top
This video shows an extract of 3 a cushions match with D.JASPERS versus F.CAUDRON.

Dick realizes a serie of 22 points:

Published on 28/12/2014 ~ 16:38  | Top

This video shows billiard' trickshots made by the Turkish player C.MURAT:

Published on 08/11/2014 ~ 10:28  | Top

This video from YouTube presents 23 possibilities to realize the starting point at carom.

Five years after my own billiard video of '15 starting points', the player Long NGuyen imaginates a lot of others figures.

Published on 11/10/2014 ~ 10:07  | Top
Here is a 71/2 balkline match with P.Niessen versus G.Huber.

P.Niessen wins the match in one inning with a serie of 200 points.

Published on 20/09/2014 ~ 17:36  | Top

In this video, J-P. De Bruijn plays at cushion' game versus J. Bongers.

He wins the match (100 points to 7 points in 2 innings) with nice series in the corner recorded in close-up.

Published on 15/08/2014 ~ 17:54  | Top
F.CAUDRON made a 3 cushion match versus Jun Ho Kim in the "Million Dollar Billiards" tournament (Californy).

He realizes 25 points in 4 innings that is to say 6.250 of average !

Published on 08/08/2014 ~ 19:26  | Top

T.BLOMDAHL makes an exhibition for the 20 years birthday of the "Billard Club Vicinois".

With a powerfull shot, he realizes a point with 10 cushions:

Published on 26/07/2014 ~ 18:08  | Top
This billiard' video shows a serie of 16 points made by Daniel SANCHEZ in three cushions game:

Published on 13/07/2014 ~ 12:11  | Top

This video presents some original billiard' trickshots.

Indeed, some shots are made with one arm or without watching the table...

Published on 29/06/2014 ~ 20:19  | Top

Here is a contribution of Martial; Thanks to him.

We can play at american game with a dynamic display of the balls' trajectories:

When we can have a carom sumilator like this ?

Published on 01/05/2014 ~ 22:35  | Top
Here is a serie of 19 points made in the 3 cushions game by Marco ZANETTI.

In this billiard match, Marco made 40 points in 8 innings...

Published on 01/05/2014 ~ 07:27  | Top
Original and pleasant, ideal for the progression of the beginners, the French federation proposes a rule of play with an additional blue ball.

Here is an English video which presents the principles of this game:

Published on 06/04/2014 ~ 07:27  | Top

Here are some positions on the billiard table where we can obtain the rail nurse position:

Published on 30/03/2014 ~ 08:02  | Top

Last extract of his DVD, F.KOHLER plays billiard on two tables at the same time:

Published on 16/03/2014 ~ 18:27  | Top

Here is a second extract of the DVD 'venom trickshots 2' which countains a lot of trickshots made by F. KOHLER :

Published on 16/02/2014 ~ 11:27  | Top
This video is bit old but but I appreciate to watch the serie of 20 points realized by Dick JASPERS in 3 cushions games:

Published on 02/02/2014 ~ 16:22  | Top

Here is an extract of the last DVD of Florian KOHLER - alias VENOM - which creates superb trickshots of billiards:

  • jumps of balls
  • masses with long curves
  • hit of several balls
  • ...

Published on 31/01/2014 ~ 19:37  | Top

For those which begin with the 3 cushions, here a course in video animated by V.LELIEVRE and filmed at the Don Bosco club.

For many positions frequently present on the billiard table, Vincent gives judicious tips on:

  • how to realize a good starting point ?
  • quantity of ball to aim to avoid the kiss
  • modification of trajectory according to the shot' power
  • the replacement of the hit ball
  • ...

Published on 26/01/2014 ~ 08:31  | Top
Here is the french finale 2013 at free games with V.ALES versus M.DECLUNDER.

Magali plays with an average of 50.

In this video, you can appreciate:
  • a 123 points' serie (with rail nurse position at the end)
  • a very nice level of play
  • an efficient conception

Published on 12/01/2014 ~ 09:13  | Top

Here is a compilation of 3 cushions shots founded in some trickshots exhibitions:

Merry christmas !

Published on 20/12/2013 ~ 19:25  | Top

Starting from all videos of this blog, I realize a compilation of unusual and spectacular bank shots.

It presents very good billiard players, expert in 3 cushions or artistic games:

Published on 12/12/2013 ~ 05:57  | Top
Recorded during the 3 cushions AGIPI 2012 billiard' tournament, this run of 20 was realized by T.BLOMDAHL ( in a match versus the korean player S-W CHOI):

Published on 11/11/2013 ~ 09:20  | Top
Here is video which shows 25 nice 3 cushions shots played at AGIPI 2013 tournement.

Published on 13/10/2013 ~ 10:32  | Top

Here is a video about the system MyWebSport.

With this high-tech installation, we can play a game between 2 differents places.

The equipment of each place is the following:

  • a camera to record the billiard table
  • a television to show video and sound of the other place
  • a laser system which display the exact place of the balls on the table

Published on 09/10/2013 ~ 12:10  | Top
The short video-clip of the French Federation of Billard presents our activity:

Published on 22/09/2013 ~ 07:09  | Top
Here is a video of Frederic CAUDRON which play the final of European Championship at balkline 47/2 versus Xavier GRETILLAT (2009 / Athens).

The quality of this video and the serie of Frederic are very good:

Published on 13/09/2013 ~ 20:43  | Top

This video presents Frederic CAUDRON very relaxed which make some trickshots at 3 cushion billiard games:

Published on 12/09/2013 ~ 06:37  | Top
If you want to achieve a good level, the younger you start playing, the better it is.

In this Chinese video, you can watch a 3-year-old baby playing snooker.

The future will tell us if this training is appropriate and efficient...

Published on 07/09/2013 ~ 09:01  | Top

I like to see this asiatic video where a billiard' player makes spectacular and wonderfull trickshots:

  • he puts into holes a lot of balls in one shot
  • he makes a jump to touch and put into holes some balls above bottles of coca
  • ...

Published on 06/09/2013 ~ 08:12  | Top

This video, recorded by the MGM in the 1950' and found in YouTube, shows trickshots made by the world billiard' champions Willie MOSCONI et Jimmy CARAS:

Published on 31/08/2013 ~ 13:02  | Top

In this video of 1949, the Chili' billiard champion Raul VALDIVIA realize an exhibition for the Chili's president.

My preferred shot is the one with the jumping balls and the bottle.

Published on 23/08/2013 ~ 18:04  | Top
A promotion for our passion: here is an interview of J.BURY given on the chanel "l'équipe 21'.

Published on 18/08/2013 ~ 06:54  | Top
Here is a video which shows a serie of 24 three cushions points made on the billiard table by Semith SAYGINER:

Published on 28/07/2013 ~ 19:43  | Top

Some advanced bank shots

Published on 06/07/2013 ~ 09:20  | Top
The university of Lille-1 has realized some simple videos about solid mecanics applicated to billiard game.

U can found pedagogic explanations about:
  • full, half-ball and one the board aim
  • bounces on the cushions
  • lateral spin

Published on 15/06/2013 ~ 11:40  | Top

Here are 2 videos which show gather shots in carom game.

The quality of recording is not superb like actual videos but their interessant countains could perhaps inspire you.

Georges BOUREZG makes a lot of gather shots:

Paul COUESPELL shows 30 points:

Published on 12/06/2013 ~ 11:17  | Top
This video, found on the website of 'Billard Club Marmandais', shows Magalie DECLUNDER who plays at 71/2 balkline and realize a nice serie:

Published on 02/06/2013 ~ 20:10  | Top

This video shows 20 original points of three cushions made by an artist of billiard games: Semith SAYGINER.

Despite a low quality of recording, the balls trajectories are surprising:

Published on 19/05/2013 ~ 07:51  | Top

In this video, J.TRILLES makes a very nice billiard' artistic exhibition with a lot of original points::

Published on 27/04/2013 ~ 07:41  | Top

This video of few minutes shows 3 cushions points made by T.BLOMDAHL and D.SANCHEZ in the 3-Magic club:

Published on 01/04/2013 ~ 22:16  | Top
The players who have an iPad could be happy.

Indeed, a new digital book purposes ball's positions with a response to the question 'how can I take the rail nurse position ?'.

For these 43 positions, with Xavier GRETILLAT, U can watch:
  • the position of the balls on the table
  • explanations and gesture
  • interact view 3D of the table and balls
  • multi-angular video with the execution of the point
Here is the ads video:

Published on 01/04/2013 ~ 17:13  | Top
Between 1966 and 1969, Jean MARTY has won 4 European titles and 6 World titles at billiard games.

In January 1967, he became the European Championship at 47/1 balkline with a general average of 35 !

U can watch this great champion and the organisation of this great event in this short video:

Published on 23/03/2013 ~ 12:24  | Top
Here is a game played at Ecully billiard tour 2013 in France.

In this video, recorded by Achour FERHAT,you can watch Brahim DJOUBRI in 47/2 balkline.

He made 250 points in one inning and 33 minutes !

Here is this performance:

Other free videos about balkline are available with following this link.
Published on 16/02/2013 ~ 07:36  | Top

J. SANCHO purposes a lot of systems to help us for making great series at 3 cushion games.

This last system explains the anticipation for the points made with a small quantity of lateral spin:
lateral spin in billiard shot

Without counting, this document details how to make:

  • 3 cushion
  • 2 cushion and et 2 cushion bank-shot
  • 3 cushion bank-shot

Clic on this link to the download the document.

Don't hesitate to clic on this link to watch all the free downloads of the site.

Published on 08/02/2013 ~ 09:29  | Top

Here is a 5 minutes compilation where I join the best billiard' videos of 3 cushions made by Semith SAYGINER.

This great turkish player realizes easily :

  • extremely difficult points with long masse shots
  • points made with curves on a rolling carpet
  • magnific bank-shot

Perhaps, some players will be inspire by these ingenious 3 cushion bank-shots ...

I not advise you to play on your billiard table the points made by masses shots or including curves !

Let's watch now this demonstration of unusual 3 cushion points:

To watch other sympatic and free videos about 3 cushions, clic on this link.

Published on 19/01/2013 ~ 12:43  | Top

The video with masse shot in the corner of the billiard' table shows a point made with 10 cushions...

In this short film, I purpose to you un carom billiard point with 11 cushions !

Watch Semith SAYGINER in action :

Published on 16/01/2013 ~ 10:52  | Top


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