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Unfold Close   3 cushions
Description of the diamond system to realize bank shot in 3 cushions game

systeme-comptage-3-bandes.pdf(415.91 Kb) Downloaded 614 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Another possibility to count with the Diamond System for 3 cushions game

systeme-comptage-3-bandes-2.pdf(1 154.13 Kb) Downloaded 1219 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

How to make a 5 cushions point without any count of spot

5-bandes-sans-comptage.pdf(330.30 Kb) Downloaded 984 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Technical description for 3 cushions game in the small part of the table

3-bandes-tiers-billard.pdf(436.69 Kb) Downloaded 1338 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

This compilation of 3 cushions systems was found on Internet

Realized by Jose BONACHO-PALOMARES of the billard club Valencia, there aren't many comments but numbers are sufficient !

compilation-systemes-3b.pdf(1 174.15 Kb) Downloaded 3461 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Realized by the billiard club Rochefortais, here is a synthesis of a 3 cushion stage animated by Roland FORTHOME

U can find how to make big series at the 3 cushions games with having a good placement of the hit ball on the table for the next point

3-bandes-replacements.pdf(802.33 Kb) Downloaded 326 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Found in the Billard Club Saint-Mihiel website, here are some efficient 3 cushions systems:
  • Frans VAN KUYK (specialist of 3 cushions system)- VK10,VK12 and VKL
  • reversed 3 cushions on big cushion
  • tips and advices for 3 cushions

3bandes-tuzul-vk.pdf(112.75 Kb) Downloaded 1172 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Unfold Close   Free games
62 pages written by Roger CONTI about balkline / freegame conception

The restoration of the text is good so the read is easy

roger-conti.(001-062).pdf(9 924.54 Kb) Downloaded 796 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Found on the website of André BENTOLILA, here are the personnal notes of the champion Roger CONTI for free game and balkline

These pages (N°62 to 151) haven't got a text' restoration so it's perhaps difficult to read all the comments.

roger-conti.(063-151).pdf(8 768.42 Kb) Downloaded 492 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

This compilation of articles (FFB) show the basis to play billiard:

  • position of the body
  • gesture
  • stroke
  • ...

ffb-technique-libre.pdf(1 010.70 Kb) Downloaded 1252 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Unfold Close   Cushion

In honor to the work of Edouard HOREMANS (World professionnel Champion in 1925-1926 et 1928-1929), Jean SANCHO presents tips and advices for using correctly the small lateral spin to make more efficiently :

  • 3 cushion points
  • bank-shot 2 cushion
  • bank-shot 3 cushions

This system explains also how to make a 2 cushion point on the billiard table.

3bandes-effet-marque.pdf(1 706.32 Kb) Downloaded 1495 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Unfold Close   Various

Compilation of funny billiard tables

table-de-billard.pdf(4 349.22 Kb) Downloaded 415 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

The website of Xavier Grétillat purposes an free important book ( 700 pages, 700 photos, 1000 schemes)

an_couverture.html(??? Kb) Downloaded 759 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Here is a compilation of billiard diagrams

It is ideal to take a note for have a good reproduction of a point on a billiard table Kb) Downloaded 722 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

Unfold Close   Softwares
Here is a software that shows the score on a computer' screen (needs Windows operating system) 829.09 Kb) Downloaded 315 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 


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