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If you wish to progress at billiard, you will find subjects in there !

Since automatic translators aren't very efficient, I decided to realize a manual translation into English.
Many thanks to Guy LEDOUX for his help.

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Note #135 by steve 16/04/2014 ~ 22:01
Quelle aubaine ce site ! Je pratique depuis 6 mois, ce site est d'une richesse inestimable. Tout simplement énorme. Bravo pour ce travail.Et comme tout travail mérite salaire, vous devriez mettre sur votre site un lien pour les dons, moi je vous bien vous envoyer quelques euros par Paypal pour vous remercier !

Hazardous diaporama

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Original and pleasant, ideal for the progression of the beginners, the French federation proposes a rule of play with an additional blue ball.

Here is an English video which presents the principles of this game:

Published on 06/04/2014 ~ 07:27  Top
Here are some positions on the billiard table where we can obtain the rail nurse position:

Published on 30/03/2014 ~ 08:02  Top
Last extract of his DVD, F.KOHLER plays billiard on two tables at the same time:

Published on 16/03/2014 ~ 18:27  Top
Here is a new diaporama about cushion changning.

To access it, just click on the picture:

changement bande de billard
Published on 10/03/2014 ~ 07:00  Top
Here is a second extract of the DVD 'venom trickshots 2' which countains a lot of trickshots made by F. KOHLER :

Published on 16/02/2014 ~ 11:27  Top
This video is bit old but but I appreciate to watch the serie of 20 points realized by Dick JASPERS in 3 cushions games:

Published on 02/02/2014 ~ 16:22  Top
Here is an extract of the last DVD of Florian KOHLER - alias VENOM - which creates superb trickshots of billiards:
  • jumps of balls
  • masses with long curves
  • hit of several balls
  • ...
Published on 31/01/2014 ~ 19:37  Top