Players of french billiard can learn and increase their level of playing with the teaching aid with photos and videos.

Since automatic translators aren't very efficient, I decided to realize a manual translation into English.
Many thanks to Guy LEDOUX for his help.

The 3 last articles

Here is a 71/2 balkline match with P.Niessen versus G.Huber.

P.Niessen wins the match in one inning with a serie of 200 points.

Published on 20/09/2014 ~ 17:36  Top
In this video, J-P. De Bruijn plays at cushion' game versus J. Bongers.

He wins the match (100 points to 7 points in 2 innings) with nice series in the corner recorded in close-up.

Published on 15/08/2014 ~ 17:54  Top
F.CAUDRON made a 3 cushion match versus Jun Ho Kim in the "Million Dollar Billiards" tournament (Californy).

He realizes 25 points in 4 innings that is to say 6.250 of average !

Published on 08/08/2014 ~ 19:26  Top

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