Players of french billiard can learn and increase their level of playing with the teaching aid with photos and videos.
Since automatic translators aren't very efficient, I decided to realize a manual translation into English.
Many thanks to Guy LEDOUX for his help.

The 3 last articles

To take the rail nurse position, Thịnh Kent shows us 24 different solutions on the billiard table.

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In this original video, U can watch billard points made with the feets on a big table:

Published on 14/02/2015 ~ 18:25  Top
World billiard' champion in the 40's, Willie MOSCONI purpose some nice trickshots.

Some points made on two tables at the same time are magnificent:

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The 2 last courses

For those which begin with the 3 cushions, here a course in video animated by V.LELIEVRE ( filmed at the Don Bosco club) with many positions frequently present on the billiard table.

Vincent gives judicious tips on:
  • how to realize a good starting point ?
  • quantity of ball to aim to avoid the kiss
  • modification of trajectory according to the shot' power
  • the replacement of the hit ball

Roger CONTI explains a lot of principles:
  • how to put our fingers on the butt
  • how to make the small balkline gesture
  • how to have a good body position
  • ...

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