Players of french billiard can learn and increase their level of playing with the teaching aid with photos and videos.
Since automatic translators aren't very efficient, I decided to realize a manual translation into English.

Many thanks to Guy LEDOUX for his help.

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mur de viédéos de billard

The 5 last notes

I find this video in the Youtube account of Sebastien Rousseau.

Willy GERIMONT, a master French player of billiard, explains a three cushion system.
He shows a system with a trajectory of big cushion, small cushion and big cushion.

Published on 2018.06.02 ~ 18:45  | Top

I find in the BillardCollection youtube chanel an old video that explains:
- How are made ivory balls
- Why the corners have been created in carom billiard
- Why the blakline gales have been created
- Some trikshots

Published on 2018.05.20 ~ 15:45  | Top
Muyng Woo Cho, a korean player,realize a nice serie of 32 points in 3 cushions billiard.

He makes 40 points in only 4 innings !

Published on 2018.05.19 ~ 21:14  | Top
Semith SAYGINER realizes a nice run of 20 in the 3 cushions game:

Published on 2015.04.22 ~ 18:42  | Top
In this video, U can watch some great billiard' trickshots of F.Kohler recorded at Las Vegas.

Published on 2015.04.04 ~ 08:21  | Top

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