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Players of french billiard can learn and increase their level of playing with the teaching aid with photos and videos.
Since automatic translators aren't very efficient, I decided to realize a manual translation into English.

Many thanks to Guy LEDOUX for his help.

The 3 last notes

Stéphane NOLE, a french billiard' master, explains how to make a good movement and presents some gather shots.

U can visit his website to find technicals papers with video for some gather shots.

Published on 21/04/2019 ~ 19:16  | Top

Here is a video of carom' trickshots by Paul COUESPEL.
U can find more knowledge' videos in his Web site (balkline, rail nurse, ...).

Published on 19/03/2019 ~ 11:36  | Top

Billard Passion is 10 years old.

I purpose you a video which shows 30 gather shots for the cushion game:

Published on 11/02/2019 ~ 18:18  | Top

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